Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Step-Pets

Last night I went to Light Bright’s house for dinner, although we are not doing any more wedding planning. I had to give her a gift from Scotland, “Crazy Ness,” because her workplace is so crazy with all the Sock Puppets. (Sorry, I don’t have any good Sock Puppet League stories for you.) Crazy Ness is a hot pink plushie that looks vaguely like a stoned dragon. Then Light Bright showed me her garden and said since she doesn’t have a pet, she uses all her nurturing on the garden. It did look great, much better than Richard Bonomo’s garden when I tried to take care of it.

Speaking of pets, when I got home last night, Travalon had brought Rodney the Poodle and Callie the Cat to the condo, where they were wandering around in either puzzlement or curiosity, it was hard to tell which. Callie immediately decided I am her new human, and she wanted to snuggle. And snuggle. And snuggle. Did I mention I’m allergic to cats? Though, to be fair, I don’t react much to Callie. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about her, and then this morning she woke me up at who knows what hour (we don’t have a clock in the condo yet) by poking me with one paw, then the other, over and over. Plus she pooped on the floor. I probably should have gotten up and gone to UGGH Club, but I just rolled over and went back to sleep, dreaming about Callie bounding all over the condo. (In reality she is 16 and is well past her bounding years.) Meanwhile, Rodney slept soundly at the foot of the bed. So that is my life with step-pets so far. Soon I will be bringing Cashmere over from Rich’s house, and then we’ll see how well our little blended family gets along.

I promise to post more photos of Ireland soon. Really, I will do it.

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Richard Bonomo said...

Congratulations on starting out in your new home!

Regarding newlywed status: My understanding is that that status lasts for two years. Don't ask me where I got that definition from, though!