Monday, December 8, 2014

Erin Gets Bashed in Back Again

Friday night as I was heading home from work, someone rear-ended me. At least he was contrite, not like the guy who rear-ended me three and a half years ago, who was all, “I thought you were going to turn!” This time I was turning right onto Johnson from Randall, and I don’t know if the young white guy (student?) who hit me was texting, or what his deal was, but anyway he gave me his insurance info. Erin Caitlyn O’Honda is fifteen years old, so I’m guessing this guy’s insurance is going to total her and give me a check not big enough to pay for either her repairs or her replacement. And I only have liability, so it will probably be up to me to foot most of the bill. Bummer.

Saturday morning Travalon and I went to the Heritage CafĂ© on the east side, then we drove to Zimbrick to see if they could fix Erin. Her trunk wouldn’t open at home, but then it popped open on the road, so that was a little disconcerting. Anyway, we got there safely, and they sent us to the rental car place to get a cute little white Hyundai which I have been driving since then. I also went to the DMV to get a new driver’s license, but apparently they are not open on Saturdays. I could have sworn they used to be… In the evening we met Jilly Moose and OK Cap at the Nau-Ti-Gal for dinner, since Catzookz had given Travalon a $10 off coupon for his birthday. It was a slow night, so the waitresses were very attentive. OK Cap had to work at 6 am (yawn!) the next morning, so she missed that horrible game. Richard Bonomo, Luxuli, and Prairie Man joined Jilly Moose at our place to watch that travesty. How could the Badgers lose 59-0 to Ohio State?? It was like we had no offense OR defense! People speculated that they were paid to throw the game, they were out too late partying the night before, someone cursed them, etc., but we may never know how this came to pass. Surprisingly, they managed to get into a bowl game, and it isn’t even the Toilet Bowl, which is where they belong after that performance.

Sunday Travalon and I overslept, so we went to a coffeehouse in Waunakee and then 10:30 Mass at their church up there. It’s a big, suburban church full of families. Then we went to a fundraiser at the Roxbury Tavern for the owner, who had a stroke and can’t pay all his medical bills. Light Bright played with another member of her band, and they were so, so good. Then I went with Rich and Kathbert to the all-University choirs’ Christmas Concert at Lutheran Cathedral of the West while Travalon went to the dog park with Rodney. Music in German and Latin isn’t really his thing. He did come to Rich’s house for some tea later, and then while we were driving home we saw about sixteen cop cars chasing one guy. We found out later he was black – and drunk – but fortunately the cops did not shoot him. It seemed kind of excessive, like there was a terrorist attack. Why would they need every cop in the city following one guy? He wasn’t even going that fast.

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