Friday, December 19, 2014

Sparkly Teal Poinsettia

Last night Travalon and I picked up my “new” 2011 Honda Civic, which still doesn’t have a name, although Jilly Moose suggested Midnight O’Flasher. It is not as dark a blue as I had remembered, so I must have been getting it confused with the other one we test drove. Then I headed home in my new car, stopping at the local flower shop to see if they had blue poinsettias. One showed up at our church for the Our Lady of Guadalupe festivities, and it fascinated me so much I just had to stop and see if the flower shop had any. They did! I indulged my inner 15-year-old girl and got a teal one with sparkles on it. The girl at the shop said they are called “paintsettias,” and she showed me one with swirls of lavender on the white leaves and said they call that one the “pukesettia.” There was also a very beautiful dark blue one, but it was larger, so it’s good I didn’t get it – Travalon and I wouldn’t have been able to see each other over it! Right now the teal poinsettia is sitting on our dining room table, the only Christmas decoration we have bothered with this year. I have a strand of Christmas lights somewhere but can’t locate it after my move, and Travalon says he isn’t that into Christmas decorations anyway, or nonstop Christmas music. But then, who does really like that? Who can listen to those stations for more than ten minutes before going nuts? I assume the “teal” poinsettia will bloom white next year, and hopefully in the solarium, where we have no lights, it will get enough darkness to rebloom. Richard Bonomo’s old poinsettias bloom every year. They are never as spectacular, but they are still pretty. Of course, mine will not be teal and sparkly, but it would still be exciting to get it to bloom again.

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