Friday, December 12, 2014

Ode to Erin Caitlyn O'Honda

This morning I had a moment of panic when I heard there was a fatal traffic accident right by Travalon’s workplace, just about the time he would be arriving for work. I sent him a text, and right away he butt-dialed me, as he is prone to do. Usually it is kind of annoying, but this time it was such a relief because I knew he must be fine. He said the accident happened right after he got to work, and he saw lots of emergency vehicles. What a way to start the work day!

Yesterday I said goodbye to Erin Caitlyn O’Honda. She was parked at the body shop, and I drove over and took everything out of her and loaded it into the trunk of my loaner car. Then I went home and sorted all the stuff, which was mostly paper and in fact mostly sheet music, although I did find a bad review from my previous job and the paperwork from when I adopted Cashmere. Here I thought her birthday was November 28, and it’s really November 29. Like she cares, right? Going through all this stuff made me realize how many adventures Erin and I have had together, and so my usual bit of Friday doggerel will be dedicated to her.

Memories, both good and bad,
Some are happy and some are sad.
Lots are stupid, like the time
I spilled evaporated milk all over – ooh, that slime!
But the stain reminds me of the Haitian party
We drove to that day, and the pudding
I made, how tasty it was,
And the money we raised for poor kids – yay!
I remember the time I popped your tire
Driving over construction debris on the road,
But we were coming back from a Mexican band gig
With my violin and mandolin as part of your load.
Remember the times we drove to Oconomowoc
To visit Travalon at his old place?
I got to know the landscape really well,
Like a familiar, friendly face.
So farewell old friend, you served me well,
And you were too banged up to sell
Or fix for less than the price of a newer car,
But you carried me well and you carried me far.

Mad props to Flo: one week from the accident to the check from Progressive! I got it via FedEx today. And supposedly today they towed Erin to the junkyard. Poor old car.

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