Thursday, December 18, 2014

Famous Hat's New Car

Sorry for the silence the last couple of days. I was having some real adventures. Tuesday I left work about two and had an MRI. This was for a study I am participating in about lucid dreaming; people tell me it’s common for writers to have lucid dreams, i.e., dreams in which they know they are dreaming and can control the content. Apparently it isn’t so common for the general population, so they were eager to get an image of my brain. If you have never had an MRI, they stuff you into this narrow tube, and then you have to hold really still as horrible noises like jackhammers and dental drills ring around your head. For this I will be paid $25, and I understand they will also give me a CD of my brain images. Maybe I will post some on the blog, just to prove to you all that I actually have a brain.

For some lovely images now, here are pictures of our church after the Our Lady of Guadalupe festivities. Thanks to Richard Bonomo for these beautiful pictures.

Yesterday I left work early again (after our holiday potluck, so it wasn’t a high-stress day), and Travalon and I went car shopping. I wanted a Honda in our price range, and the dealer had several, so I took two out for a test drive and settled on a midnight blue 2011 Civic four-door sedan. This will be the newest car I have ever owned. We got it for such a good price because it has 90K miles on it, but the dealer told us someone recently brought in a 2005 Honda Civic with 500K miles on it. Half a million miles! Tonight I will go to pick it up, after dropping off the trusty white Hyundai Sonata loaner car I’ve been using. Undoubtedly you will all ask me what I’m going to name it, so I’m open to suggestions. Leave a comment or email me.

Famous Hat

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