Tuesday, December 1, 2015

50 Reasons I Love Travalon

Today Travalon turns 50. I can’t think of a clever poem to write, so instead I’ll write 50 reasons I love him:

  1. His smile
  2. His blue eyes
  3. His generosity
  4. His kindness
  5. The dinners he cooks for me
  6. The road trips he takes me on
  7. The secret places all over the state that he shows me
  8.  His love of nature
  9. His love of history
  10. His love of animals
  11. Because he always changes the rabbit’s cage
  12. The clever things he says
  13. Because he lets me change the radio station to my favorite shows
  14. Because he goes swimming with me even after a long day at work
  15. His work ethic
  16. His good nature
  17. Because he shares the sheets with me
  18. Because he reads my silly blog
  19. And because he even comments on it
  20. And because he even started one of his own
  21. His sense of adventure
  22. His love of good food and drink
  23. His curiosity about the world
  24. Because he understands that I need “girlfriend time”
  25. Because he likes my friends
  26. His masculinity, strong but not overbearing
  27. His love of the Packers
  28. His sense of wonder
  29. His love of music, even when our tastes don’t intersect
  30. His imitation of Julie Andrews
  31. His imitation of Tom Petty
  32. His love of water
  33. His funny texts
  34. His amazing gift-giving abilities
  35. His Anglophile tendencies
  36. His sense of humor about life
  37. His love of basketball, which I’m beginning to share
  38. How much he has to teach me about sports
  39. How much he has to teach me about Wisconsin
  40. His interest in staying active
  41. His decorating skills, e.g., with his Man Cave
  42. Because he doesn’t get on my case for my lack of domestic skills
  43. Because he vacuums and sweeps the floors
  44. Because he would be the best dad ever
  45. Because he is the most devoted son ever
  46. His love of travel
  47. His willingness to eat broccoli
  48. Because he tolerates all my plants
  49. Because he usually does the grocery shopping
  50. Because he believes in God and goes to church with me
That one is last, but not least, by any means. This is not a complete list, but just the first fifty things that popped into my head.

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Richard Bonomo said...

Now that is a sweet post! How many other people can produce a list of 50 things they like about their spouses off the top of their heads? Great post! May you have MANY happy years together!