Thursday, April 7, 2016

I Can't Concentrate

Sorry for my silence the last few days. I have been really scattered and can’t seem to concentrate. At work I keep changing which Pandora station I’m listening to – one day it took me four tries to settle on one. When I mentioned this to a coworker, she said I should post about it, so, lacking any better ideas, I am. Perhaps the question to be explored here is: why? What is going on? Here are some possibilities:

Stress: This one seems unlikely, since I don’t feel particularly stressed. There is a bit going on at work this week, and I’ve had to be in more meetings than usual. Maybe that affects my focus.

Spring Fever: This seems like a real possibility, if only the weather would cooperate. In fact, it’s been cold and snowy lately. Which leads me to the next possibility…

Winter Blues: Maybe I am tuning out because I just can’t handle any more of this cold, snowy weather. It’s April, for goodness sake! Shouldn’t it be a little warm and sunny by now?

ADD: While I do have an official diagnosis of ADHD, for whatever that’s worth, I have mostly grown out of it. This lack of focus has only been a problem this past week, so blaming it on ADD seems ridiculous. Otherwise, I should never be able to focus and therefore wouldn’t even notice a problem with it lately.

Lack of Sleep: This could very well be the culprit, although I am no worse than usual in that regard and have maybe even been a little better. Could it be left over from last week? I couldn’t sleep in on Saturday due to my gig, so maybe I never caught up on sleep. Darn you, Colbert, for being so funny! I always have to tune in to see how he is going to mock Trump every night.

That's all I have the concentration to say on this matter for the moment.

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