Friday, April 22, 2016

My Work Pet "Boxy"

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days. Wednesday we had Irish class because our teacher was busy on Tuesday, and after that I had choir practice, so there wasn’t time for blogging. Yesterday after work I took a walk on the boardwalk behind Edgewood College, on the shores of Lake Wingra, and then I went to a presentation Antoshka gave on the situation in Ukraine. It was very enlightening, although the main video did not have subtitles, so it was more of a visual and then Antoshka gave us the background on what was going on. Travalon met me there, and plenty of other people were there too, including Jilly Moose, Cecil Markovitch, Mr. N’Awlins, the Dairyman’s Daughter, and of course Rich, since it was at his house. That ran so long that Travalon and I had to leave long before it was over, so of course I never got a chance to blog.

And what would I have blogged about if I’d had the chance? I am going to put pictures of our road trips up at some point, but the big “news” in my life is I have a sort of work pet. OK, not really, but there is a bug that has been hanging around my office all week. It is a big, friendly, pretty, harmless-looking bug and seemed very familiar, so I googled “black and red bug” and found it is a box elder bug. It was crawling across my computer screen as I found an image of it, and it saw the image and stopped and kind of reared up a little, as if it were thinking, “That’s the biggest bug I’ve ever seen!” The image was twice the size of “Boxy.” So Boxy seemed really tense until I left that screen and went back to data entry, and then it relaxed and walked the rest of the way across my screen and along the top of my monitor. I feel like I should be a good hostess and offer it something to eat, but according to Wikipedia they eat the seeds of maple trees, and I am fresh out of those. We’ll see how long Boxy hangs around my maple seed-free office…

The other big news is that Prince died at the relatively young age of 57 yesterday. It was all anyone could talk about. He was such a big deal when I was growing up in Minnesota, where people I knew had actually met him. It seemed so cool to have a rock star just an hour away, and not way off in California or New York. And I loved his music. He was wild in his younger days but had long since become a Jehovah’s Witness and lived a quiet life, so he was the last celebrity anyone expected to die young. However, it sounds as if he were sick, but like David Bowie he didn’t tell anyone. Goodbye, sweet Prince. I hope you’re partying up in heaven like it’s 1999! There is a photo online of a rainbow over his complex, Paisley Park, so maybe he is smiling down on us stuck in 2016.

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