Monday, April 25, 2016

Up on the Bluffs at Devil's Lake

I hope my readers got to get outside and enjoy the lovely weather this weekend. Travalon and I started the weekend by going to Rex’s Inkeeper up in Waunakee for their fish fry, which was delicious, plus we had the most attentive waitress I’ve ever had. Afterwards we went across the street to a wine bar called Brix 340 or something like that, and we felt a little underdressed, but the bartender was very friendly and helped us pair our wine with chocolates. Yum! We will definitely be back, but probably a little more dressed up.

Saturday OK Cap and I drove downtown to meet Rich and Jilly Moose for coffee, then we Rosary Ladies went to my church to pray the rosary in the library. After that I took Rodney for a long walk to enjoy the gorgeous weather, and then Tiffy arrived around the same time that Travalon got back from work. The three of us went to the Keg in Martinsville and sat out on their deck, enjoying an adult beverage, then Tiffy and I had dinner at Banzo, which serves wonderful Mediterranean food. I love how it fills you up but isn’t very many calories – no wonder they say the Mediterranean diet is so healthy! Then we went to a Baroque concert at Gates of Heaven, where parking was at a real premium because so many people were at the park to enjoy the warm weather. Someone was just leaving as we came in, so Tiffy said it must be my “clean living” that makes me so lucky.

Sunday was another beautiful day. Travalon and I were curious about the Fair Oaks Diner, so we went there for brunch after Mass, and then we took advantage of the lovely weather by going for a hike at Devil’s Lake. Travalon had never been up on the bluffs before, but this time he did climb them, carrying Rodney, and he was amazed by the view. According to my phone, we walked six miles and up the equivalent of 26 flights of stairs, so we definitely got some exercise! Afterwards I had a lot of calories left for the day, so we went to a restaurant in Okee called Fitz’s on the Lake for French-fried lobster, and we even stopped at Culver’s for frozen custard – that’s how many calories I had to spare after that hike! If we went up the bluffs every day, we would never have to watch what we eat! And I even had quite a few calories to spare after all that, but I didn’t use them all up. Lately I seem to have a lot of extra calories at the end of the day, so maybe I am eating more wisely or exercising more, but I am not losing weight at the moment. I’ve been stuck at the same weight for three weeks now. Sigh…

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