Friday, April 1, 2016

Restringing the Mandolin

Yesterday Travalon and I went to the health club, and he swam while I walked on the track to get in my 10,000 steps for the day. I’d been planning to walk to Baroque music but hadn’t realized there would be a class going on in the gym the track circles, so I could barely hear Bach and Vivaldi over the loud music they were dancing to. Maybe I should have just joined the class – it looked like fun – but it was already going by the time we got there, and I felt weird to join partway through. Maybe I should have, and worked up a sweat, instead of just sedately walking along to violin and harpsichord concerti. They were kind of doing hip hop dance moves, although I didn’t recognize most of the music they were dancing to. Afterwards I asked the teacher about joining, and she said I should. I said, “I dance like a middle-aged white woman,” and she said skill level doesn’t matter, it's all about moving. So maybe sometime I will try this class.

After we got home, I had another adventure. My sweet husband had bought new mandolin strings for me at the music store, and he even bought a new E string for my violin. (They didn’t have gut strings there, so I told him get a cheap one and I will replace it during Early Music Festival.) Then I had to restring Mandy, which I should really do more often, before her strings are so dead-sounding. We don’t have wire cutters around the house, so I used scissors to cut the excess string – probably not so good for the scissors, and I really had to battle with the G strings, since they are so thick. I also had to retune the strings over and over and over and over, because of course new strings keep slipping out of tune, so Travalon (who was trying to watch TV) kept looking over in annoyance. Anyway, I got Mandy all restrung, and now the strings have a day to settle before our band has a gig tomorrow morning. Fortunately it’s the loudest gig we play at, the pancake breakfast, so if I’m out of tune it’s highly unlikely anyone will notice.

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