Monday, April 4, 2016

Small Latte for Tvista

Did my readers have a good weekend? Friday evening I went to the East Side Club fish fry with some coworkers and their friends and lovers, and Travalon joined us after work. It is such a beautiful venue, and we watched the sun set over downtown, and then the lights came up. We saw a very strange boat out on the lake – it looked homemade.

Saturday morning we woke up to a reprise of winter. Travalon drove me to our band gig at the McKenzie Center Pancake Breakfast, and there would be whiteout conditions for a minute or two, then things would clear up and the sun would come back out. It was just as strange coming home. Tiffy came up, and she and I went to a cafĂ©, where for some reason one barista rendered her name as “Tvista,” so the other barista who had to call out her name had no idea how to pronounce it. I said it’s too bad she already has a name on this blog, because Tvista is a heck of an appellation. We met some other people for dinner at a restaurant called Tavernakaya; you would think from the name that it is a Greek place, but in fact it is a very good Japanese restaurant. Travalon, meanwhile, was watching the Final Four in basketball.

Yesterday was an incredibly beautiful day, especially after the snow flurries, so Tiffy, Travalon, Richard Bonomo, and I took Rodney to the Token Creek Dog Park (the path is in the pattern of a dog bone), and then we walked on the boardwalk along the Yahara River in Windsor. Travalon went to see Batman vs. Superman, which has been getting horrible reviews, but he liked it. I went to Rich’s house because Catzookz cooked us a vegetarian feast. Kathbert, Antoshka, Jilly Moose, and OK Cap were among the guests. I was wearing my Rib Mountain hoodie from our walk earlier, but Rich had set the table with the good china and silver, and a tablecloth, so I felt very underdressed. Travalon joined us after the movie. I ate so much that, for the first time since I’ve started this fitness app, I didn’t burn off all my calories. Too bad I couldn’t use all my spare calories from earlier in the week, when I’d been way under a couple of days.

Here is something kind of exciting: Rich and I were interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor today! Lute Player knows one of the political correspondents there, who wanted to talk to “thinking” Republicans in Wisconsin before our primary. I am not actually a Republican but an independent, and now I have been outed as a moderate to all my friends and acquaintances, who are either way far left or way far right. Yes, that’s right – I’m voting for Kasich tomorrow. There – I’ve said it. Let the chips fall where they may.

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