Friday, June 17, 2016

Reggae Concert on Monona Terrace

Sorry that I did not get around to posting photos from Ma and Pa Hat’s visit yesterday. I was on the town with Travalon. First I should mention our wonderful boat ride on Wednesday evening. We went out into the lake, and the setting sun illuminated the downtown so that it looked like The Promised Land in the distance, or the proverbial City on a Hill, or (as Travalon said) the Emerald City, except that it was golden instead of green. We commented on how beautiful and enticing it looked, although I noted the downtown is not The Promised Land during Rush Hour on weekday mornings. I tried to take a photo of this lovely vision, but it didn’t really turn out. I may post it anyway… we’ll see.

Yesterday evening the golden promise of the evening before did seem fulfilled by downtown Madtown as Travalon and I went to the rooftop of the Monona Terrace to have dinner at their café and listen to a reggae band called Natty Nation. We danced to them after dinner, and when we sat down, as soon as Travalon went to get a drink, the guy next to me said we looked really good out there. Then his wife came back from the restroom, and she seemed annoyed and said they had to leave “right now!” Oops – I didn’t mean to cause marital friction, but maybe this guy has a long history of telling other women how good they look the moment his wife leaves the scene briefly. There were tons of people at this concert, including a guy with a T-shirt in the “Walt Disney” font, only it said, “Malt Whiskey.” Travalon and I thought that was pretty funny. The concert was free, and the band was wonderful – I love that reggae backbeat! Then Travalon and I went to the Cardinal Bar, and I had a “skinny mojito,” which has a lot less sugar in it, so you can really taste the mint and lime. I liked it a lot, but I’m not a big one for overly sweet things. There was a dance class there, learning bachata, which I think is a beautiful dance to watch, but I find the music very boring. It is my least favorite type of Latin music. It was such a wonderful evening, and the second one in a row, that I just glowed with happiness as I lay in bed last night. I love summer!

My blogging may be somewhat sporadic for the next week. Tiffy and I are going to American Players Theater tonight and tomorrow, I have gigs tomorrow and next Tuesday, and Anna Banana II is in town, so I will be hanging out with her and the other Rosary Ladies next week instead of going to work. Paid vacation time is wonderful!

Famous Hat

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