Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sailing into the Sunset

Travalon and I had the most wonderful evening. First one of our neighbors is in an all-women barbershop group, and they put on a short free concert for everyone in the neighborhood. We took our lawn chairs out by the tennis court and sat listening to the ten women singing oldies in four-part harmony. Then another neighbor and his wife took us out sailing. There wasn't much wind tonight, so it was a very relaxed sailing session. The guy let me take the rudder, and Travalon manned one of the sheets. We literally sailed into the sunset when the guy told me to steer right toward the setting sun. Meanwhile, the singing ladies went out on a pontoon boat, and we saw them coming out after us and then heading back in before us. We saw one of the Betty Lou Cruise boats and some other boats, but not as many as you would think on such a beautiful evening. The water was calm, and it was so peaceful on the quiet sailboat as opposed to our loud little Megan Jaye, with her outboard motor and something always rattling in her - we haven't figured out what yet. Of course, when the motor conks, then she is quiet too. Sailboats are my very favorite boats, but I love being in anything on the water, even our tippy canoe! The guy who owns this sailboat grew up sailing in Seattle, and he is an excellent sailor. Know who else is an excellent sailor? Richard Bonomo. Too bad he and I didn't buy that little catamaran that was for sale years ago...

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