Friday, June 10, 2016

Why I Still Haven't Posted Photos

Sorry that I still haven’t posted photos of my Memorial Day weekend trip. Wednesday evening I went to the last choir practice of the season and then hung out with many of my fellow choir members at the Essen Haus. They have been going there on Wednesdays for eons because of something called “Stein Club,” and also the accordion player who is always there that night. Every week he plays the theme to the Pink Panther, and he does it differently every time.

Yesterday evening I was also busy and never got around to posting photos. Travalon texted me that he was hanging out with our neighbors on the dock for “Thirsty Thursday,” so I joined them there. They had brought liquid refreshment and lots of food, and we were there for a long time talking, eating, and enjoying the beautiful weather. We even saw our neighbor the crane; one of our neighbors said, “Didn’t there used to be a pair of them? This year I’ve only seen the one,” and we speculated that the other one is busy sitting on a nest. Travalon had gotten some dinner to make after that, but it was late and we were pretty full, so we threw the food in the freezer and went to the Nau-Ti-Gal for something small. (I just had the side of mixed veggies.) We sat on their patio and listened to a rock band until a storm blew up and the band packed up. Then I wrote in my diary Mariah, so I never got around to posting photos on this blog. You may be wondering (as some people have) why I still need Mariah when I have this blog, but there are things I can tell her that I would NEVER post on here, and also if civilization ends tomorrow, I would still have my memories preserved in her pages. That is why I make writing to her once a week a priority. There have been times I wasn’t as reliable; back in 2010 I went the whole summer without writing to her and was about ready to give up on keeping a diary, but then I had a marathon writing session and got down what I could remember, with some help from this blog. Anyway, that may be more than you ever wanted to know about Mariah, but Travalon can tell you that for the last few years I have written in her reliably once a week. Why is he so aware of this? Because I always want to sit in his chair to write in her, since that is where the best lighting is.

Today my coworkers and I went out to coffee to celebrate the work anniversaries of my super thoughtful coworker and me (three years today for me, and two for her yesterday), and Handy Woman bought me a smoothie to mark the occasion. I already had my coffee this morning, and a tropical smoothie just sounded really good on such a hot day. It was a fun break from the work day on a busy Friday.

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