Friday, April 21, 2017

Ode to Mysterious Lights

I have nothing to blog about today, since last night was a quiet evening at home for me while Travalon went to the Bucks playoff game. (He did win a Greek Freak jersey, which I am wearing today since it doesn’t fit him.) I wrote in my diary Mariah, ran in place to music, and played around on my bouzouki. A lot of fun, but not much to read about. It must be time for another poem:

Mysterious lights in the distance,
So beautiful, they beckon to me
From the far side of Lake Monona.
What could those lovely lights be?
Look at that low row of red lights.
I must know what they illuminate.
Could it be someplace amazing?
Could finding it be my fate?
What if below those lights
Is a place where ideas can flow
As people make glass and ceramics?
I tell you, I really must know!
What is that sparkling tower?
The most beautiful thing I can see!
Of course, it could just be a smokestack
For some random factory.
Still, the searching is so much fun,
Even if the finding is lame.
Looking for mysterious lights
Is such a delightful game!

Famous Hat 

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