Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pursuing Mysterious Lights

This is sort of silly, but I get fascinated with the lights I see in the distance from the Monona Terrace. My readers may remember how I spent several years trying to figure out what a low building with red lights was, only to discover it was just a strip mall. However, that strip mall contains both Crema CafĂ©, a wonderful place to get brunch, and Fired Up, a wonderful place to make fused glass, so discovering what the lights were was no waste of time. Recently I had noticed a strange set of lights in the distance, something new that hadn’t been there before. It was near some radio towers, but it was more lit up than the radio towers, with sparkly lights all the way up its height. Travalon and I tried to figure out where it could be, and we took one ride looking for it on Cottage Grove Road but were unsuccessful. I noticed during the day that whatever this tall object was, it looked a bit like a mosque, with a lower, rounder building and a tall thing like a minaret, and it was behind a large green water tower. I knew the water tower was right behind the high school in Monona, so if the other object were a bit further back, it was probably in an industrial park where Stoughton Road and Pflaum Road intersect. Last night Travalon said let’s take a ride over there, and we found the tower all lit up. It is something for a company that produces gases for welding, so nothing as immediately useful to me as the lights that turned out to be the strip mall, but I was still happy to have found what it was. Maybe if I ever have need of gas for welding, this knowledge will come in handy.

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