Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Rodney's Scary Experience

Something scary happened yesterday: when I got home, I heard our superannuated poodle Rodney crying, and I hunted down the sound to find him trapped between the screen and the glass door to our porch. I had left the glass door halfway open, and he had managed to wriggle into the space between the door and the screen but then could not back out. How long he had been there, I have no way of knowing. I immediately pulled him out and set him by his water dish, thinking he was probably dehydrated, but he couldn’t even stand. Just then Travalon came home, and he cuddled Rodney and got him to drink copious amounts of water. I called the vet clinic, and they said to keep an eye on him, but that he probably didn’t need to be seen. To my surprise, they said, “When this happens, the dog is more likely to be injured from panicking than from being caught in the door.” So this happens all the time?? Had I realized it was a possibility, I would either have left the glass door closed or opened it all the way, so there was nowhere for Rodney to get trapped. By the time dinner was ready, he was recovered enough to eat some of Travalon’s food, and by later in the evening he was his usual self. I was afraid the shock alone would kill a dog of almost eighteen, but maybe rather than being delicate because of his age, Rodney is super tough and this explains his age. This morning we couldn’t tell anything had ever happened to him.

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Travalon said...

Such a big relief he's ok!