Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Taco Tuesday: The Musical

Today I am a year older, and the celebration started last night, when Travalon and I went to our usual place for tacos. We decided to finally get there early enough to join the trivia game that happens every Tuesday, and we bandied about names for our team on the way there. The usual teams have names like the Red Team, the Bears Still Suck, We Drink and We Know Things, etc. so I thought we had to have a good one. I suggested Panda Trolley, but Travalon came up with Taco Tuesday: The Musical, and that just sounded right. It must have been good luck too, because while we were in last place after the first round and starting to wonder if we were out of our depth, in the successive seven rounds we kept doing better and better until we won it all - $25 in cash money, as the MC says.

Today we both took the day off of work and slept in, then Travalon gave me my presents: a Peruvian scarf and the autobiographies of Maurice White and George Clinton. If you don't know who they are, we can't be friends. Just kidding, of course, but we probably don't have the same taste in music. They are the founders of, respectively, Earth Wind and Fire and Parliament/Funkadelic. Travalon took me to brunch at Crema Cafe, then we went to Fired Up and I made a little birthday cake fridge magnet. We drove out to Sauk and saw an eagle really close to us and a couple flying by the dam, then we came back to town and went to La Baguette, the French bakery, for treats. We saw the movie Coco, which I highly recommend, and then we were driving right by the Nitty Gritty Birthday Bar, so I figured why not stop in for my commemorative mug. And it was a 50th anniversary commemorative mug! When we got home, Anna Banana II called - it was so good to hear from her! So it was a really good birthday.

Here are a couple of photos and a video to give you some idea of my day today. This first one is a "before" picture of my birthday cake fridge magnet. It hasn't been fused yet.

Here is a shot of the eagle that was really close to us. Usually they are on the other side of the river.

Finally, this is a video of the beautiful moonrise tonight. For some reason my camera wasn't going to take a good picture of it, but the video isn't bad, and maybe you will enjoy the James Brown song in the background.

Famous Hat

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