Sunday, February 28, 2010

Doing Taxes for Why?

I don't have very long to blog today because Richard Bonomo has to use Aquinas the Computer to do the taxes for Mr. Why's estate. (He has already done his own taxes and Mr. Why's personal taxes from the two months he was still alive in 2009.) This all sounds very complicated, and he cannot do them online. Watching all this has made me realize what an incredibly messy business death is; I don't mean in a natural way, like that your body decays, but in a bureaucratic way, like the paperwork you leave behind.

Mr. Why was studying estate law in law school, so he had his affairs somewhat in order at the time of his death. Me, I have nothing in order. Watching all this has made me shudder for whatever poor soul has to put my affairs in order after I kick off. (Of course, I don't plan to shuffle off this mortal coil for quite awhile, but who does? I'm not really in charge of these things.) As they say, only two things in life are sure: death and taxes. And guess what? After you are gone, you don't have to deal with your taxes anymore, but someone still does. In the case of Mr. Why, that someone is Richard Bonomo. Isn't it great to know that taxes are an even more powerful force than death? Because apparently death is no excuse for not getting your taxes done by April 15. And on that note, I should stop blogging now so Rich can use Aquinas.

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