Monday, March 21, 2016

Badger Basketball Weekend

Did everyone enjoy the unusually early equinox yesterday? Travalon and I had a good weekend. We started Friday by having crab cakes at home while watching the Badger Basketball team win, then we went over to the Nau-Ti-Gal for a drink. It’s so relaxing having a place so close to home if you want to go out, and the two regular bartenders there know us so they treat us well.

Saturday Travalon was busy with the high school basketball tournaments, so OK Cap and I went to a free concert of Bach harpsichord pieces from the Well-Tempered Clavier, in honor of his birthday (which is today). Afterwards we went to Estrellon for a bite to eat, and on the way we ran into Tiffy’s sister and niece. They have an apartment in that building, so not the strangest thing to have happened. OK Cap and I went back to her place and hung out with Zoe while praying a rosary; I meant to go to a hootenanny at the Wil-Mar Center, but we talked so long after the rosary that it was time for Jilly Moose to arrive. We three went to the Nau-Ti-Gal for a quick dinner before Paint Night. This month the subject was a tropical sunset with palm trees and a sailboat. I will post our efforts soon. It was so much fun! And how appropriate, to paint palm trees on the eve of Palm Sunday. Afterwards we took Rodney for a walk, and when Travalon came home and found both me and Rodney gone, he came and found us so we all went for a walk together. There are some interesting lights across the river, like one person has a bright blue light that used to change to red and purple as well, and someone else’s windows are lit up purple.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, so everyone else processed into church while we choir members stood on the steps singing the opening hymn in an attempt to keep everyone in the same key. In the afternoon Travalon and I went for a hike at Lake Kegonsa State Park with Rodney, since it had become a lovely, sunny day. We also took a drive along both Lake Kegonsa and Lake Wabesa. Then we got a message from Rich: a “reverse surprise party” for Luxuli! As in, she surprised us all – we knew it was her birthday, but we weren’t expecting her back in town so early. She brought a cherry pie and peach wine. Jilly Moose and Kathbert were among the guests. Some of us stayed at Rich’s for a simple dinner of sautéed vegetables and chicken fajitas, then Travalon and I headed home to watch the Badger Basketball team win at the last moment – it was a very exciting game! I screamed a little when Koenig made his basket. They are now in the Sweet Sixteen! But I have to admit that I always feel a little sorry for the other team. The players seem so sad, and even Bill Murray was bummed, because his son is the assistant coach for Xavier, the team the Badgers beat. Plus Hawaii lost, but at least they made it into the tournament. That in itself is huge.

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