Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Completing Irish in Duolingo

Last night I had a lot of calories to burn off, but I am growing tired of my usual “running” songs. Then I had an idea: since it was Bach’s birthday, and Baroque music is often quite frenetic, I could try running to some of his music. I had a particular harpsichord concerto in mind but thought for some reason that it was a two-harpsichord concerto, so I googled that and found one in C minor. It wasn’t the one I was thinking of, but it was definitely quite familiar, so I ran to it. Then I realized the one I like, besides being in D minor, is only for one harpsichord, and I soon found it. As conducted by Trevor Pinnock, it is definitely at a good speed for running to! I ran so hard, I easily burned off all those calories. Maybe now that I am sick of all my favorite house music and salsa music, I’ll need to run to Baroque music!

This morning I “finished” Duolingo, in that I completed the final lesson in Irish. I thought maybe something spectacular would happen, but all that happened was that a golden version of the owl (the Duolingo mascot) appeared at the bottom of the screen. What a letdown! I didn’t even get more than my usual two lingots (Duolingo currency that you can use for very little) for finishing a lesson. Still, I am tempted to try my hand at another language, but which one? Something I don’t know at all, like Welsh? Or should I brush up on Spanish or French? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section. 

Famous Hat


Richard Bonomo said...

German or Swedish?

Famous Hat said...

So you are advocating taking on a whole new language family? The Germanic languages are ones I am not very familiar with, except for English, and this is the weirdest Germanic language ever.