Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

Spring finally seems to be here. Thursday it was sleeting and terrible, but this weekend was more promising. I took Good Friday off of work and spent the morning praying the rosary and the Seven Sorrows of Mary chaplet, then we had our Good Friday service just after noon, and the choir sang as usual. Afterwards Rich and I had our one meal of the day, then we went to do the Stations of the Cross on the site of the old cathedral, since it was such a lovely day. At the end we prayed a Divine Mercy chaplet. Then I switched over from religious mode to sports mode to watch the Badgers Sweet Sixteen game with Travalon, but unfortunately they lost to Notre Dame right at the end, with three turnovers in five minutes. It was a good run, anyway, and I’m so happy the new coach had such a great season.

Saturday Travalon had to work. I stopped by the Manna CafĂ© to get treats for myself and Light Bright, and the worst Sock Puppet of all from my previous job was there in the parking lot. He looked at me like he thought he might recognize me, but I wasn’t about to refresh his memory. Light Bright and I took her baby for a couple of walks, between his naps, then her husband got us all lunch from the barbecue place on Monroe Street. The baby is really cute now that he is four months old. I will freely admit that I prefer them at that age to the newborn stage. Now he is all friendly and smiley.

In the afternoon, once Travalon got off of work, he and I took Rodney to a really great dog park in the Token Creek County Park. So many dogs there, and they were all friendly and well-behaved. It made me so happy watching them being happy and running around. Poor old Rodney doesn’t really run around anymore, he just kind of walks in small circles, but he had a good time too. Then we wandered into another part of the park, which is surprisingly large, and we got quite a hike in while finding our way back to the car. In the evening I had been planning to go to the Byzantine Rite Easter Vigil with Cecil Markovitch and the Single B-Boy like we did last year, but it was canceled because the priest got sick, and not too many other priests know that liturgy. Travalon and I went to the Vigil Mass at the church near our house, and that was lovely and not too long. I heard the one at St. Patrick’s downtown was beautiful but very long, and Rich said the Spanish one at our church was crazy (in a good way), but he didn’t get a chance to elaborate at the time, and I forgot to ask him about it later.

Yesterday morning we had our lovely Easter Mass at our church, then Travalon and I went to the Nau-Ti-Gal for their Easter brunch and felt like royalty because all the people working there knew us and gave us the VIP treatment. So much delicious food! I ate way too much and didn’t even try half of it. Then we visited Travalon’s mother and took her out for a ride. Even in the rain, Oconomowoc is a beautiful town. In the late afternoon we went to Rich’s house for Easter dinner, with his delicious lamb and several amazing desserts, and afterwards I had to work off 745 calories. I was running in front of the TV until past 11:30. So tired today… But I did it! I burned them all off!

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