Tuesday, March 15, 2016

VRV Email Club Party

Last night Travalon and I went to the VRV Email Club party at Mariner’s Inn. VRV is the parent company of Mariner’s, the Nau-Ti-Gal, and Cap’n Bill’s, as well as the Betty Lou Cruises. They had food from all four ventures there, but because Travalon had to work late, by the time we got there some of the selection was gone. We had also missed our favorite bartender giving a demonstration of how to make a peach old-fashioned, with free samples afterwards. We ran into a couple I know from the OTHER choir I used to sing in, and the four of us went to a demonstration on how to sauté shrimp and scallops, with free samples afterwards. (The rest of the food we had to “pay for” with tickets – we each started with eight tickets, and each sample cost one ticket.) By then, some of the other things we wanted to try were also gone, but one of the owners said he would have the cooks make something for us. The perks of being known – we bought our condo from his brother. A band played during the whole party, and then when they brought out desserts (you didn’t need tickets for those), they also had the door prize drawings. We each had a number, and one of our numbers won! We got to choose from a variety of liquor selections, so we chose a six-pack of summer shandy. Some people who were leaving gave us a bunch more numbers, and then in the second drawing we won again! I offered the winning number to my pals from the OTHER choir, but they said they would wait to see if their numbers won, so I chose a sparkling Prosecco wine, and the other couple joked that they would come over sometime and help us drink it. We gave them the rest of our numbers and headed home at that point – no need to win all the door prizes, right? It was a very fun party.

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