Thursday, March 31, 2016

Which Mid-Twentieth-Century Anglican Theologian Are You?

Sorry for the silence the last couple of days. It was a disappointing time, and I didn’t want to drag down my readers with my glum mood. However, I have gotten over it now yet still have little to say. Tuesday evening Travalon and I did join Rich, Kathbert, and Antoshka for some Easter leftovers, so that was fun. Today I got a friend request on MyFace from someone in Morocco. I was just going to ignore it, but we have four friends in common, including Rich, so I did accept his request. Not that it does me a lot of good, because all his posts are in Arabic. I also get posts in Japanese from Travalon’s college friend’s bride and her best friend, since the three of us kind of bonded in Hawaii. Most of their posts seem to be pictures of food, anyway, so they don’t really need a translation. I am just waiting to get banned from MyFace, or investigated or something, since I have to be on there under a fake name, because it won’t accept my married last name. Now the feds really have something to investigate on my wall: stuff written in Arabic! On top of my account being under a fake name! Obviously I must be someone nefarious. My most recent post was a hilarious quiz: “Which Mid-Twentieth-Century Anglican Theologian Are You?” I was William Ralph Inge, but the questions were the best, like what is your favorite 16th century motet out of these eight, or how would waking up as a pterodactyl affect your pastoral duties. After all the stupid quizzes people post about what is your song or what Disney princess are you, this one is a breath of fresh air. If you want to take the quiz yourself, this link should work.

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