Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Progressive Yet Racist?

I am very ashamed right now because my state is apparently the one with the highest income discrepancy between black and white workers, and my city is the tenth most racist one, measured by tweets that people send. Though I am not personally responsible for either thing, since I neither use Twitter nor pay anyone, I do feel bad. How did this happen in such a supposedly progressive place? Maybe “liberals” are not really as concerned with racism as they say they are? Maybe they like to talk a good show but not actually do anything about it? Someone pointed out that most of the people using Twitter are 10-21 years old, and they often say stupid things like using vulgar racist slang, but I’m not sure what to make of the pay discrepancy. I did work with a black guy who actually got demoted, and it was completely unfair. Another guy had retired, so he took over some of his duties, and then they said because his job description had changed, he was being reclassified to a lower pay grade. This same guy was also forced to be on the Diversity Committee at that particular workplace, PLUS he was forced to take “How to Talk Whiter” classes. Which is not what they are called, of course, but only he and the other black person who worked there were forced to take this class in speaking proper English. And this was at one of the most “progressive” jobs I ever had, as far as everyone there being super left politically. It is interesting to note that the Democrats had only white candidates, while the Republicans had a black guy and two guys of Cuban descent, meaning they have a lot of African blood themselves. I’m not saying which party is more or less racist, just pointing out a fact. Maybe progressives are not as “progressive” on race as they think they are…

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