Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dinner at Light Bright's House

Sorry for my silence yesterday. I went to Light Bright’s house for dinner; her mother-in-law joined us, but her baby boy was already in bed, since I couldn’t get there until after Irish class. They both seemed more subdued than when I visited last month, probably since everyone is getting over viruses. I brought an Indulgence chocolate nib bar, and it was a big hit. Light Bright made chicken noodle soup using vegetables from her garden, and her MIL made something she had tried in New York City when she had visited a couple of weekends ago for her birthday: grilled eggplant and peppers with fresh mozzarella on it. It had a fancy Italian name which I can’t remember now, and it was delicious. We called it an evening around nine, and then I went home and (sigh) watched the Cubs lose to the Cleveland Indians 6-0 with Travalon. There are seven (potential) games in the World Series, but the announcers were saying that the last fifteen winners all won Game One, so statistically speaking it is not looking so hopeful for our Cubbies. Still, they could come back. Hope springs eternal… or at least until the final game has been played.

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