Friday, October 21, 2016


Sorry for my silence the last few days. Wednesday I watched the last presidential debate with Travalon (and, yes, skipped choir practice again), and yesterday I took the day off of work to go to Holy Hill with him and his mother. It had been beautiful earlier in the week, but of course yesterday was cold and blustery. The leaves were very beautiful as we drove to Holy Hill and then to a park nearby that has a whole historical section. Then in the evening Travalon and I went to Packtoberfest at the East Side Club, which was a tailgate party and then a talk by a woman who had known (and even dated some of) the Packers back in the 60’s when they were so dominant. While her story was interesting and she was an engaging speaker, she started talking more about herself and less about the Packers, and kickoff had already started, so Travalon and I went downstairs to watch the game until she had finished and they put it on upstairs. The Packers were pretty lackluster against the Bears (who are down to their third-string quarterback) in the first half, although the defense was good, but in the second half the offense finally showed up to play. I don’t have high hopes for their upcoming road games, if it was that hard for them to win against a severely diminished Bears team at Lambeau. We went home for the second half, since it was getting late, and I even stayed up to watch the last inning of the Cubs game. They won! If they win their next game, they are in the World Series! Is the Curse of the Billy Goat finally broken?

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