Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Vice Presidential Debate

Yesterday I didn’t have Irish class, because my other classmate was unable to attend, so I went home and watched the Vice Presidential debate with Travalon. It can be summed up like this:

“Why do you support a presidential candidate who has said such-and-such terrible thing?”

“My candidate never said that. [Which is untrue.] And your candidate has let the world get to be the horrible mess it is today.”

Repeat ad infinitum.

I am not sure this debate would change anyone’s vote, but it does seem like an interesting strategy to deny someone has said something in this modern era of videos and Twitter feeds, when anyone can go back and find that the person did in fact make the statement in question. This campaign has seemed so surreal like that, people just denying that reality has happened. Of course, maybe lots of people will be in denial the day after Election Day! Everyone is so polarized right now that half the country is going to be miserable no matter what, unless we can all agree on some third-party candidate. Why do we only get two choices in our elections, anyway? You would think we could have more of a choice than that. As someone who doesn’t agree with either party, I would definitely love more choices!

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