Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ukulele Part 2

Yesterday evening as I was driving on John Nolan Drive on the way from work to my ukulele lesson, I saw the yellow submarine was gone from Lake Monona. How lucky that Travalon and I happened to see it on Sunday! And even luckier that we got to talk to the perpetrator. Then I was surprised to see that Ukulele Part 2 is an even bigger class than Ukulele Part 1! Almost all of us came back for Part 2, but some other people joined the class who had been learning on their own. Being unfamiliar with our teacher’s whimsical sense of humor, two younger ladies in particular were in stitches all night. For example, the teacher will put up a slide of two different chord changes, one inefficient and one efficient, and under the “bad” one he will put a frowning frog and under the “good” one he will put a smiling frog. Those of us in Ukulele 1 smiled broadly the first time we saw this, and now we are just used to it, but these two girls reacted like it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. It was fun having such lively people in the group; the rest of us are all kind of mellow, I guess. Surprisingly, I remain the only one in the class who took up the ukulele because I impulsively bought one in Hawaii; everyone else just bought theirs in a guitar shop or online, and they actually put some thought into it. Just to remind those of my readers who might like to take ukulele lessons in the future, the teacher does have instruments he will lend to you during class so you can see if you like it before making the commitment to purchase one.

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