Friday, October 28, 2016

Lobster Boil

Last night Travalon and I went to our second lobster boil at Mariner’s Inn. It seemed more chaotic than the one last year, maybe because there seemed to be a lot more people there. We were sitting at a table with two people and two empty seats when the waitresses moved the other two people to seat a party of four together. They proved to be pleasant company, and the one guy had coached high school football and basketball, so he had quite a bit to say about the coaching of the Badgers and the Packers. Everything he said made a lot of sense, but I’ll admit that I am no coach. He and the other guy at the table didn’t even get the lobster boil because apparently they weren’t originally part of the group, but their wives wanted in on it. Someone out in the main part of the restaurant had stolen their reserved seats, so the poor waitstaff had to scramble to seat them together. One of the waitresses is one we regularly see at the Norske Nook! These are some of the hardest-working people I have ever met; this isn’t the first time I’ve seen one waitress at multiple restaurants. Sadly, I see my blog post about the lobster boil last year is also about a Republican debate. It makes me nostalgic for a time before the nominee was the least qualified guy on the stage.

Famous Hat

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