Thursday, October 27, 2016

Game Two of the World Series

Last night I was not feeling well, but I did stick it out at work and drag myself to band practice. Then I went home and watched Game Two of the World Series with Travalon. We both missed the first inning, in which the Cubs scored a run; today I checked the newspaper, but in the description of the game, there was nothing about how this run was scored. Did a guy steal home? Did someone get a home run? How odd, because in descriptions of football games, they always tell you about interesting plays. Baseball is so much more about statistics, and there were all kinds of statistics for this game listed in the paper, so maybe if I’d understood them, I could tell you what happened. There was an unearned run later when the bases were loaded and the Cleveland pitcher walked someone. Unfortunately Cleveland stole home on a wild pitch, but that was the only run they got, so the final score was 5-1 Cubbies. Yay! Now the series is tied. I’ll bet the advertisers love it, because tons of people are probably watching the Cubs, and it is anyone’s series at this point. It has been a real battle of the pitchers. Tonight there is no game, so Travalon and I are going to a lobster boil, but all weekend long there will be games. I don’t know if we will make it to the Halloween parties at the Nau-Ti-Gal and the East Side Club! Of course, we don’t have costumes, so we are not ready for them anyway…

Famous Hat

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