Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Solstice! (One Day Late)

Did everyone enjoy the solstice yesterday at 4:44 am? I was actually invited to a solstice party by an old acquaintance, but I had to go to choir practice this close to Christmas. Anyway, not to insult any of my readers who might be neopagans, but every solstice party (and indeed, every pagan ritual) I have ever attended has been silly. Not that there’s anything wrong with silliness – in fact, I highly encourage it – but the problem is that I get the feeling the pagans are actually serious, so I am not free to laugh. If we were all in on the joke, it would be fantastic. 

It was also Hardingfele’s birthday yesterday, so on the off chance that she is reading this blog, happy birthday, Hardingfele! She used to be my #1 commenter, but lately my #1 comment is nobody. Anyone who wants to comment, feel free, and maybe I will write a blog post about your comment. Make it really outrageous, and I will try to rise to creative heights to respond. The problem (if it can be called that) is that my life is now so calm and happy that I don’t have weird situations to blog about. Maybe all I need is an idea, like when I asked two kids what they wanted a story about, and one said alternate universes and the other said banana peels. That spurred me to write a story about Joey Banana that has received several dramatic readings at Richard Bonomo’s house. (My story “Polyhymnia” has as well.) Know what will never receive a dramatic reading at Rich’s house? This post.

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