Monday, December 19, 2016

Snowy Weekend

Winter is upon us, no matter what the calendar says. This weekend was so snowy that I ended up not doing all that much. Friday Travalon and I just went to Mariner’s Inn for fish fry, since we can walk to it. To our surprise, there were some holiday parties going on there – I guess people are determined to have them, no matter what the weather does. Saturday it wasn’t as snowy in the morning, so Travalon and I went to Crema CafĂ© and ran some errands, then in the evening it began to snow again. He had a friend coming from Waukesha to go to a concert here in town, and we thought he might cancel, but he did make it out. Several friends of mine said they were interested in attending the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at the Nau-Ti-Gal that evening, but due to the weather only Rich came. We went over and only a few other people were at the party, so we just had dinner and talked. I felt a little weird being there without my husband and with another man, since the bartenders all know us over there, so I had to explain that Travalon was at a concert with his friend, and that originally a bunch of us were coming to this party but nobody else could make it. They just laughed, so I guess they aren’t worried that I am stepping out behind Travalon’s back. His friend ended up staying over Saturday night, and he went to Mass with us on Sunday, since he is Catholic too. We got coffee and debated about driving to Ma and Pa Hat’s house, but Ma Hat called and said stay home, there was a travel advisory where they live. It was clear out, but bitterly cold. Travalon and I watched the Packers seem to be about to crush the Bears, until the Bears came roaring back and tied things up. Just when we thought they were going to go into overtime, Rodgers threw another one of his Hail Mary type passes to set up a field goal as time ran out. Whoa! So their playoff hopes are still alive and well, despite their terrible November. We did venture out to our friends’ house to play games and eat pizza, and we stopped by a fundraiser at the East Side Club that was having an ugly Christmas sweater contest, but it wasn’t too lively. I figured I wouldn’t win anyway, since one guy had a sweater with tinsel on it. Yuck! How do you beat that?

Famous Hat

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