Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Work Christmas Party

Sorry that I didn’t blog yesterday – I just forgot. Yesterday was our Christmas party at work, and the head of the whole place paid to have a taco bar catered. Yum! Oddly, they gave us plenty of everything except tortillas, which are about the cheapest thing they provided. They gave us a lifetime supply of sour cream and enough of the other fixings so we could all have tacos again for lunch today. (We just had to get more tortillas.) After lunch we had a white elephant gift exchange, and I ended up with an elf hat that was way too big for me. I doubted Travalon would wear it, and nobody else wanted to steal it, but eventually Handy Woman traded it to me for the purse from Jamaica that she ended up with. There was one present left at the end of the gift exchange, which was a CD I brought, and Handy Woman said I should get it since I didn’t like my first present. I ended up giving it to someone whose kids wanted it; I wanted to trade it to her for the bright blue squid hat she got (that thing was pretty cool!), but she had already told her daughter she could give it to her goofy teacher for Christmas. After the gift exchange, we got to have Christmas cheer, as long as we followed rules like only beer and wine, and Handy Woman had to be the “designated server,” so she didn’t get to partake. Even so, I think she had as much fun as the rest of us!

Famous Hat

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