Friday, December 2, 2016

Travalon's Birthday Trip

Sorry for my silence yesterday. I took the day off of work for Travalon’s birthday, and we visited his mother and sang for her while I played the ukulele. She had been wanting to hear me play for a while, but I am still a rank beginner, so I’m not sure how impressed she was. For Travalon’s birthday, she helped him out with his dream to get a bass guitar. I highly encourage this interest – everyone should learn a musical instrument! Then we decorated her place for Christmas. After that we continued on to the Milwaukee Public Museum and found out that admission is free on the first Thursday of every month! What a great birthday surprise! We went through the entire museum, including a special exhibit on Hidden Wisconsin and of course the butterfly garden. I particularly enjoyed the West African and Polynesian art, and the Streets of Old Milwaukee display (one of Travalon’s favorite displays) was really lovely for Christmas. Many of the little ethnic houses had Christmas trees, and Christmas carols kept sounding like they were coming closer and then getting further away, as if you were on a real Milwaukee street with live carolers. They even have a real candy store in that display! Travalon got some guava-flavored candy. In the evening we came back to town and had a wonderful meal at Mariner’s Inn, not even a block from our house. I gave Travalon Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography for his present. He says he had a wonderful birthday. We may be having a small party for him on Sunday – stay tuned!

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