Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Third Day of Christmas Carol Sing

Last night I went to the Third Day of Christmas Carol Sing at the Lutheran Church where I used to sing, and Rich and Kathbert joined me. I love this carol sing because Christmas shouldn’t be over on the 25th but just beginning, and also my OTHER choir director chooses such wonderful carols. We sang “The Only Son from Heaven,” which has such a lovely early music sound to it, and the Sussex Carol, which gets my vote for happiest tune of all time. (For all those who say I only like minor key music, I will point out my love of the Sussex Carol as evidence that a really lilting major key tune can move me.) During “Angels We Have Heard on High,” my OTHER choir director stopped playing the organ on one of the middle verses and just let us singers take it, and it sounded beautiful! Lots of harmony, and such lovely voices. Here is an amazing piece of news: someone anonymously donated a cool million to this Lutheran church, so they were able to retire their debt from construction projects and do some new projects. Isn’t that wonderful Christmas news? After the carol sing, my OTHER choir director invited Rich, Kathbert, me, and a couple of other people over to his house for Swedish fruit soup. He showed us his excellent Christmas present from a friend: a piece of cardboard that says “Nothing” on it. Yes, he got nothing for Christmas! I can’t quite put my finger on why, but this has been the best Christmas yet… and it isn’t even over! There are still eight more days of it!

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