Friday, December 9, 2016

Night at the Art Museum

Sorry I didn’t get around to blogging yesterday. I had to go to Mass right after work for Immaculate Conception, and then a bunch of us from the parish had dinner in the church hall and trekked down to the campus art museum at the other end of State Street to see some high-resolution photos of European cathedrals. The photos are huge and really spectacular – they almost seem 3-D! The photographer took thousands of photos of each façade and then fed them into a computer to create a compiled image. A young woman who goes to our church had done some research on the churches, so she told us some interesting facts about each one as we gazed at the photo. I had only seen one in person, the cathedral at Chartres, but I would love to see more of them someday! In the lobby of the art museum was a setup where people could decorate and eat sugar cookies or make snowmen out of socks filled with rice, so I availed myself of both activities. They sound like kids’ activities, but all the other people gathered around the tables were millennial women. My snowman did somehow lose a button on the long walk back to the church, but Travalon thought he was cute anyway. Now he is sitting on our dining room table as the only seasonally appropriate decoration in the house, other than the Christmas lights up in the loft that a) are there all year, and b) I almost never remember to turn on.

Famous Hat

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