Friday, December 30, 2016

OK Cap's Birthday Party

Last night the Rosary Ladies (Jilly Moose, OK Cap, Luxuli, and I) got together for OK Cap’s birthday, one day late. We went to the Nitty Gritty Bar, since they give you a free mug on your birthday, and apparently will also do so on the day after your birthday. This mug can be filled all night with soda or any beer on tap. Four was a perfect size for our party, because we could all fit comfortably at one booth, yet there were enough of us to holler convincingly whenever they announced OK Cap’s name as a birthday girl. My gift to the birthday girl was a bag of “birthday pasta” in which the noodles were shaped like little birthday cakes, and they wrapped it beautifully at the store. (Believe me, I cannot wrap presents well). Travalon had found a bag that morning with some little souvenirs from Alaska for the Rosary Ladies (and of course a present for Ma and Pa Hat, now that I have just returned from visiting them), so I brought those too. It was a fun, festive time, but for some reason OK Cap thought she was a year older than she actually is. I hope you never catch me adding years to my age! I didn’t even do that back when it would have helped me, say at the age of twenty. Now I am almost as close to seventy as twenty! The years keep flying by, but we might as well keep celebrating them with birthday bashes!

Famous Hat

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