Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Paddling on Lake Wingra

Sorry for my silence yesterday. I worked in the morning, then Tiffy and I had lunch at Himal Chuli, and then we rented a paddleboat from Wingra Boats and paddled all around Lake Wingra. We walked to Michael’s Frozen Custard for malts, having burned off enough calories (according to my diet app) to justify one, and then we had dinner outside with the Daughter of Denni at Everly. It was gently raining, but we were fine underneath their sheltered outdoor seating area. We had charred broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and artichoke hearts, and for our main course we split an order of curry squash with forbidden rice, so a pretty healthy meal to make up for that malt. Then we went to another Early Music Festival concert, this one of music from the Golden Age of AndalucĂ­a so it was very Mideastern music. A lot of the singing was in Ladino, which is to Spanish what Yiddish is to German. The singer was a red-haired woman of Ladino descent who had grown up in Tel Aviv, and the rest of the group consisted of an oud player, a couple of amazing percussionists (one did throat singing!), and a violinist from Turkey. They were all incredible musicians. I don’t remember ever seeing a bad concert at the Early Music Festival.

Famous Hat

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