Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wednesday Ladies' Night

Last night Travalon went to see Tom Petty at Summerfest, and I joined the Rosary Ladies for a Ladies’ Night at Imperial Gardens, a Chinese restaurant. OK Cap was busy with family obligations, but the rest of us were there to enjoy our limited time with Anna Banana II while she is in town. I was torn between two things, a sizzling rice soup and pan-fried noodles, but Anna Banana II pointed out that the sizzling rice soup also came in a sharable appetizer, so she, Luxuli, and I split that, and I got the pan-fried noodles for my main course. Since we also split an order of pot stickers, I couldn’t eat that much of the pan-fried noodles, so I was excited to have them for lunch today… and then I forgot them at home. After dinner, Jilly Moose, Luxuli, and I went for a walk to a nearby park that has a building with a sort of patio on top of it. We had a beautiful view of the lake and the sunset from there. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to take any time off of work for Anna Banana II’s visit, since we are busy with month-end AND year-end reconciliations, but fortunately I have gotten to see a lot of her anyway. And she may even come back for a second visit later this year! Yay!

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