Monday, August 28, 2017

Historic House Warming Party

I hope my readers had a good weekend. Friday I met Travalon, Richard Bonomo, and another woman who doesn’t have a name on this blog for dinner at Hotel Red. We had hoped to have dinner on their wonderful patio, but they were having an event out there with adoptable puppies. Very dangerous for me, but Travalon is not ready to replace Rodney. Then he headed to a high school football game that turned out to be a blowout, and the rest of us went to a wonderful choral concert of early music. Miss Heartsong was one of the performers, so afterwards we talked to her briefly.

Saturday Travalon had to work, so I met Rich and OK Cap for coffee, and then we two Rosary Ladies prayed a rosary. When Travalon came home, he and I had lunch at Manna Café, then we went to my coworker’s open house/birthday party. She had just purchased a big, beautiful, historic house, and we had a wonderful time exploring the house and also the Orton Park Festival across the street. The house has a large veranda, so we spent some time sitting out there. After the party we took a walk down Willy Street, and I went into a plant store – bad idea. I ended up buying a plant with cool curly leaves, and then the woman working there told me in the spring it has very fragrant, lovely flowers. Wow, I thought it was great even before she told me that! As we walked back, we passed a little boy who asked what kind of plant I had. I read the scientific name on the label, and he said, “It’s a stinky plant!” Kids are so funny! We met Hockey Girl at a chocolate shop and then grabbed a quick, late dinner at the Laurel Tavern.

Yesterday Travalon and I went to Stella Blue after Mass, where we sat outside despite the cool temperature, then we went to Tenney Park for their $6 pontoon boat rides. Because of the iffy weather, we were the only ones there for both the drop-in ride and the much longer Limnology ride, and they said if those people didn’t show up, we could pay the difference and do that ride. However, the intrepid limnology aficionados did finally show up, and the ride was sold out, so Travalon and I got a private pontoon boat ride with just the captain and his wife/first mate, who told us lots of interesting historical tidbits about Madison. When we returned, there were so many people waiting to go out that they had to take two boats out, even though it hadn’t warmed up. Travalon and I went to Curd Fest at Breese Stevens Field and tried a bunch of types of cheese curds, then we walked on the path around Lake Monona and stopped in a little park to watch boats. We saw a sailboat and a smaller sail that I assume was a windsurfer sailing together, so that it looked like a mommy sailboat with a little baby sailboat following after her. For some reason I found the imagery delightful, even though intellectually I know it was probably just a couple of millennial guys sailing around. And then I could imagine how much fun they were having!

Famous Hat

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