Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Email Oops

So here’s what I meant to do: select all the emails in my Sent folder and delete them. Here’s what I did instead: select all the emails in my Inbox and delete them. Then I immediately emptied the trash before realizing my mistake, so there’s no getting those messages back. OOPS!! Hopefully there was nothing too important in my inbox. I have a funny feeling a lot of it was not important, and everything I can think of was actually saved in another folder for posterity, so maybe it really was all a bunch of junk. Light Bright has come to my house a couple of times to help me get rid of paper mail, and I seem to have the same problem with email, so this was the electronic equivalent of taking all my mail and burning it. Anyway, if you were expecting a reply from me about something and don’t get it, this may be the reason.

Famous Hat

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