Friday, June 7, 2013

Last Day on the Job

This is it – my last day at this job! I have been here five years, since before I started this blog, so it’s going to feel very strange going somewhere else on Monday morning. I will miss my office mate Light Bright, my window, the coffee place here, and some of the people I work with. People have been giving me things all day: a beautiful bouquet (see photo below), rhubarb crisp, gift certificates for a bookstore and a clothing store. It finally seems real that I am leaving. My new job is in publishing, and I get my own FREE parking space – everyone here is so jealous! It will be so tempting to drive every day, but I will try to bike and/or bus it whenever possible. (Now my bus trip involves a transfer.) Most significant for you, my readers, is that I do not know how often I will get a chance to blog now, since I may be very busy. I will try to check in at least once a week.

Here is the lovely purple bouquet a coworker brought me from her garden. It smells as wonderful as it looks!

Light Bright will be OK, she has a student hourly to help her out until they hire my replacement.

Famous Hat


Hardingfele said...

I will be your biking buddy so we can motivate each other!

Famous Hat said...

Only if you are willing to leave no later than a quarter after seven.