Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cafeteria Catholics of Both Leanings

The Pope has now arrived in this country, and everyone is going bananas. He is supposed to address Congress, and some Congressmen said they were going to boycott his talk because of his “liberal” talking points. This strikes me as disingenuous, because these are the same conservative Catholics who decry liberal “cafeteria Catholics” for picking and choosing which Church teachings they will follow, but how is that different from what they are doing? They are upset that the Pope is talking about our duty to help the poor and protect the environment, but that is just as much Church teaching as opposing abortion and gay “marriage,” so they are also being “cafeteria Catholics.” Richard Bonomo says someday he is going to write a book, and the first half will be called: “Social Justice Isn’t Enough,” and then you would flip it over, and the second half would be called: “Orthodoxy Isn’t Enough.” Why are so many Catholics either “left” or “right”? Shouldn’t we all just be “Catholic”? And if you are Catholic, and the Pope says something you disagree with, whether you are liberal or conservative, it would behoove you to examine your own stands on the issues instead of saying he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Because I’ll bet he does more than you do.

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