Monday, September 28, 2015

The Badgers Beat Up Hawaii

Friday as I was heading home, I saw a sun dog in the clouds. Check it out. Someone on MyFace said the cloud formation looks like an angel.

That evening Rich’s Japanese guests made dinner again. Saturday I was supposed to play with my band at an orchard and then go to the Badgers game, but I was feeling under the weather. Later in the afternoon I felt a little better, so Travalon and I took our longest boat ride yet back into the marsh with Rodney. We saw a lot of people out there, in kayaks and boats and even on personal watercraft, so we weren’t too afraid of being all alone if the engine should conk out. Which it didn’t, so it was a fantastic ride. Then Travalon was a wonderful husband and stayed home to watch the game with me. It was a blowout, so we were pulling for Hawaii to at least score some points, but they never did. I don’t find games like that satisfying. I prefer close, exciting games. Who needs to watch the Badgers beat up on teams that aren’t in the Big Ten?

Yesterday our group went to a different place for brunch, but we were disappointed to find out it is a chain and not a family-owned restaurant. The food was very good. Then Travalon and I drove to Mineral Point and walked around the town, stopping at the brewery for a summer shandy and going to a store that sells all sorts of Celtic art and foreign food. Then we drove to Governor Dodge State Park and explored the two lakes there, but it was too late by then to rent a canoe. The good news is that they allow dogs in the canoes there. The park is so beautiful; Travalon said he felt like he was up north. Then we met Jilly Moose and Kathbert at Rich’s for some leftover lasagna, and we all watched the lunar eclipse. A couple of Rich’s neighbors joined us in watching the earth’s shadow getting cast over the full moon until the moon appeared blood red. It was a “super moon” eclipse because the moon is now at its closest point to the earth. These only happen once every three decades or so. I hope all my readers got to go outside and check it out last night!

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