Friday, September 18, 2015

Jilly Moose's Birthday Poem

Today is Jilly Moose’s birthday, and she is having a cookout at her house tonight, although the weather is a bit iffy so we might end up being inside. Tomorrow Travalon, some other friends, and I are taking her on an epic journey which is a surprise for her, so I’ll tell my readers all about it afterwards. Here is a birthday poem for Jilly Moose:

Happy birthday, Jilly Moose!
Now you’re the big four-oh!
Welcome to the Middle-Aged Club
Where no one wants to go.
Our youth is all behind us,
But at least we’re not yet old.
At least we have a few decades
Before we reach that age of gold.
I’ve been in this club a few years now
And I’ll say it’s not too bad.
The years I’ve spend within this decade
Have been the best I’ve ever had.
I’ve certainly heard people say
That at forty life begins,
At least we have some wisdom now
And have shared lots of grins.
So I hope this decade is good to you,
And that you enjoy it still,
Because in just ten years from now,
You’ll be officially Over the Hill.

Famous Hat

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