Thursday, September 17, 2015

Republican Debate #2

My hair seems to know when I’m scheduled for a haircut – it looks bedraggled for weeks, and then the day of the scheduled cut, it looks fabulous. Today is no exception. Why, hair? Why look so beautiful just so I think, “Aw, maybe I shouldn’t get it cut yet”? Is it actually sentient?

Did any of my readers watch the Republican debate last night? It was so entertaining! Trump was as nuts as ever, but some of the other candidates said things that made a lot of sense. I have no idea who I’d actually vote for in the presidential election at this point, but fortunately there is plenty of time to make a decision. One thing I’ve noticed is that people say a candidate is “pandering to the base” when he (or she!) says something very conservative, but they don’t seem to say that about liberal candidates. Wouldn’t a Democratic presidential candidate saying something very liberal be pandering to the base as well? Maybe the pundits will say that after the first Democratic debate – something to watch for, anyway. I did enjoy when the candidates went after each other but really respected the ones who refused to make ad hominem attacks, like Carson and Kasich. And a few of the candidates actually mentioned poor people, which is good to hear from Republicans. Some of them, like Jeb Bush, seem to forget that poor people exist… and they vote. They all agreed on several issues, but Rand Paul had the most different outlook, since he is libertarian rather than a pure conservative. I love hearing what they all think about the issues, and what they would do about the most pressing problems of our times, although Trump is a little short on solutions and mostly talks about how great he is. This is going to be a very interesting political season!

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