Thursday, September 10, 2015

Team Effort Catfish Dinner

Yesterday Travalon went fishing in the Fox River in Princeton, and he caught two catfish, one 18 inches long and one 22 inches long. When I got home from band practice, he was watching a video on his phone of how to fillet the fish. I said, “Let me have a crack at it,” and to my surprise it was very easy to do, considering that I have never filleted a fish before. I filleted the first one, and he filleted the second one. I was planning to bake the catfish, but Travalon had gotten Cajun Shore Lunch mix to put on the fillets before frying them, so I ended up frying the fillets while he cleaned up the fish remains and cooked the rest of our dinner (broccoli and tater tots). It was truly a team effort! And guess what? Fresh fried catfish in Cajun coating is delicious! We’ll have to do it again sometime, especially since we have half the box of Shore Lunch left. We can buy catfish fillets at our neighborhood meat market (and regularly do), but it is so much more satisfying to eat a fish you have prepared yourself. Travalon really brought home the bacon (so to speak) last night!

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