Friday, September 11, 2015

Light Bright Among the Sock Puppets

Last night I took my former office mate Light Bright out to dinner for her birthday, then we went shopping at a maternity clothing store (she is due in November), and then we went back to her house and talked. She is fed up with her job, which I understand better than almost anyone. I started there as a coordinator for two very different programs, and it was overwhelming, so they thought I was incompetent and eventually took one program from me and gave it to her. Once I escaped from that place, they gave her the other program too… and she is finding that coordinating two very different programs is – what a shock – overwhelming, and she is making mistakes. She has asked for an assistant, so hopefully she does get some help. The good news is that the worst Sock Puppet got some kind of huge promotion (ew!) and will now only be around one day a week at the most. Light Bright doesn’t have to feel bad about hating this guy, because Toque McToque hated him, my predecessor hated him so much she called him “Pumpkinhead,” and I may have hated him the most of all. The worst part? He’s a fellow Capricorn. Ew! He is on Wife #3, so we lowly peons may not be the only ones who have trouble tolerating him. Unfortunately, Light Bright did not have any good Sock Puppet stories about him or any of the other Sock Puppets, just that they keep changing their minds about how things should be done and half the time don’t bother telling her, so she does things wrong. Sounds eerily familiar… I am so happy to be in my present job! The good news here is that Handy Woman got a big promotion, and now she is my boss. I am sure she will be a better boss than any of the Sock Puppets were.

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