Monday, January 11, 2016

90th Birthday Party with Steel Drum Guy

I hope my readers had an enjoyable weekend. Saturday morning Jilly Moose and I drove to Watertown in Chartreuse Bruce to attend a coffee class at Beres Brothers Brewing. We learned how coffee is roasted, and the different ways you can brew it, and we tried samples of the different brewing methods. I preferred most of them to the old-skool drip method, but they are all more expensive and labor-intensive. Chartreuse Bruce gets satellite radio, so on the way there and back we were listening to R&B and hip hop – it was fantastic! We had healthy salads at the Nau-Ti-Gal, since we are doing that health app and have to enter everything we eat into the app. Travalon, meanwhile, was at a heartbreaking Badgers basketball game; they lost by three points. In the evening he and I joined some Slow Food people to tour Bos Meadery and try some mead, and then we walked not even a block to Julep, a new Southern food restaurant. Travalon and I split the shrimp and grits and a slice of sweet potato pie, so after we got home, he put on a Steely Dan DVD and I ran for two hours to work off that dinner, according to the health app. I may not be eating any healthier, but I sure am getting more exercise since starting this app!

Yesterday was so much fun. Travalon and I drove to Oconomowoc for his mother’s 90th birthday party (her actual birthday is today); he hired the live music, a guy who plays the steel drum, and one of his brothers brought cupcakes for everyone. The whole family was there, as well as many residents of the place where my mother-in-law lives. The steel drum player was a huge hit, because his music is not so loud that people can’t carry on conversations, but if you want to be up close and listen, it’s such great, cheerful music. It made us feel like we were in the tropics, even on such a cold day. The day continued to get better when the Vikings lost their playoff game. The Packers started out the way they have lately, with no offense whatsoever, and I was afraid they would do that thing they do when they come to life in the fourth quarter and almost make a comeback. However, they came to life in the second quarter, in plenty of time to handily defeat the Redskins. In the evening, the Rosary Ladies (and associated husbands) had a birthday party for OK Cap at the Nitty Gritty. We even had party hats and Mardi Gras beads, thanks to Luxuli and Prairie Man. They have the cutest little sundaes there, and they aren’t very many calories due to their tiny size, so most of us indulged. That evening I only needed to go my required 10,000 steps to burn off what I’d eaten, not almost 15,000 like the previous two days. Is that improvement? 

Famous Hat

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